Our Executive – The 1965 Committee


Chairman – Alex Scarborough

A History student from South London, Alex is the University of Warwick Conservative Association’s Chairman. In this role, Alex acts as the Association’s main spokesperson and figurehead. His main task is ensuring Warwick Conservatives effectively promote the conservative cause both on and off campus. A keen Chelsea supporter, Alex truly believes in our society and conservatism.

“I believe in free markets, free people and small states.”

Deputy Chairman Political – Dan Simpson

Third Year MORSE student from Solihull, Dan manages Warwick Conservatives’ external campaigns and causes across the West Midlands. His interests include football, travelling and Kelsey’s (if you know you know!).

“I believe that everyone should profit from the fruits of their labour.”


Deputy Chairman Membership and Finance – Kimia Khaneghah

Coming from London, Kimia is in her third year at Warwick. Her role primarily focuses on ensuring the Association’s finances are solvent to produce great socials and events, so she is in that sense our treasurer. Kimia’s other interests are cheerleading and the Persian Society.

“I’m a conservative because I believe we are the party of aspiration.”


Secretary – Ryan Harrison

As Secretary, Ryan oversees the administrative side of the Association, focusing on communications to our membership, recording minutes in meetings, developing the historical record of the Association and above all caring for the welfare of the membership.

Internal Affairs Secretary – Rhal Ssan

Studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics in his third year, Rhal is a passionate believe in autonomy and freedom. Rhal’s role involves organising the Association’s political activities within the Student Union and representing Conservatives on campus. Outside of politics Rhal’s interests include football, books and travelling; (Rhal is on the right).

“I don’t presume to know how to run a small business better than a small business owner.”


Events Secretary – Ben Almond

In his role as Events Secretary, Ben welcomes in guest speakers to Warwick and organises the Association’s regular Port and Policy sessions. Ben is Christian and has lived in Coventry for most of his life. He studies History and takes particular interests in antiquities, stately home visits and ideas surrounding Classical Liberalism in his spare time.

“Our architecture, belief in economic and personal liberty and preservation of grand old institutions are what made and what makes our country really great. So thus I’m probably far better suited to living in 1907 than 2017.”


Online Communications Secretary – Jake Sargent

From Hampshire while growing up in North Yorkshire, Jake heads up the online activities of the society. He’s responsible for the Association’s presence on social media, actively encourages members to air their views and maintains our website. Jake’s main loves are politics, friends and going out.

“I believe that conservatism is giving everyone the opportunity to achieve what they want in life, as long as we give them the firm foundation from which to flourish.”

Social Secretaries – Bhavika Popat and Llywelyn Colnet

From London and Sevenoaks, Bhav and Llywelyn are second year students here at Warwick. Their role includes the organisation of the Associations’ weekly socials, including our annual Haguethon, and other events including the Chairman’s Dinner and Tour. Outside politics, Bhav can be found socialising while Llywelyn can be found playing badminton and drinking Real Ale.

“We want a society in which you can be who you want to be, and do what you want to do, and we believe this is conservatism.”