Our Executive – The 1965 Committee

Exec (1)

Chairman – Alexandra Bevis


A PPE student from Shaftesbury, Alex is the University of Warwick Conservative Association’s Chairman. In this role, Alex acts as the Association’s main spokesperson and figurehead. Her main task is ensuring Warwick Conservatives effectively promote the conservative cause both on and off campus. A hockey player and martial arts enthusiast, Alex doesn’t shy from the sporting arena but also lists ‘nagging people’ as a favoured hobby too.

“I believe in the autonomy of the individual, not the intrusiveness of the state.”

Deputy Chairman Political – Samuel Carter

A Mechanical Engineering student from High Wycombe, Sam manages Warwick Conservatives’ external campaigns and causes across the West Midlands. His interests include football, cycling and international charity work.

“I believe in a society that ensures that every hard working person has the opportunity to thrive.”


Deputy Chairman Membership and Finance – Ellie KingEllie (1)

Coming from Leicester, Ellie is in her third year and studies History. Ellie’s role primarily focuses on ensuring the Association’s finances are solvent to produce great socials and events, so she is in that sense our treasurer. Ellie’s other interests are photography, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes.

“I’m a conservative because I believe in the traditions of this country.”


Alex S (1)Secretary – Alex Scarborough

As Secretary, Alex oversees the administrative side of the Association, focusing on communications to our membership, recording minutes in meetings, developing the historical record of the Association and above all caring for the welfare of the membership.

Internal Affairs Secretary – Llywelyn Colnet

Studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics in his first year, Llywelyn comes from Sevenoaks. George’s role involves organising the Association’s political activities within the Student Union and representing Conservatives on campus. Outside of politics Llywelyn interests including football, badminton and real ale.

“I don’t presume to know how to run a small business better than a small business owner.”


15056349_1363529507000071_8783546747156645089_nEvents Secretary – Dan Simpson

From Solihull, Dan is in his second year as a Maths and Statistics student. In his role as Events Secretary, Dan reaches out to speakers to organise thought-provoking talks from politicians, journalists and eminent thinkers. Beyond this, Dan’s hobbies include travelling, football and attending Warwick SU’s POP! night.

“I believe that the free market is the moral system that allows any hard worker to flourish.”


Online Communications Secretary – Lewis HutchinsonLewis

From Lincoln in the East Midlands, Lewis heads up the online activities of the society. He’s responsible for the Association’s presence on social media, actively encourages members to air their views on our blog and maintains our website. Outside of politics, Lewis follows Newcastle United closely – something he tells us is more curse than hobby.

“Britain’s democracy and history stand as unique in the world. They should be celebrated and defended.”

Social Secretary – Sophia Bryant

From London, Sophia is a third year student here at Warwick. Her role includes the organisation of the Associations’ weekly socials, including our annual Haguethon, and other events including the Chairman’s Dinner and Tour. Outside politics, Sophia can be found reading and writing.

“I want a society where people are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate.”